3 Things to Do If You're Spending Valentine's Day Alone

Am I the only one spending Valentine's Day alone? Is this your first time spending it alone and you're lowkey kinda bothered about it? No worries, let me help you get through this. We're in this together!

1. Don’t spend it alone.

Haha, easy right? No seriously, Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be boo’d up with the “love of your life” Hell if you’re like me, you don’t even know who that is and you don’t really care to think about it. But it is perfectly fine to spend Valentine’s Day with a friend, relative, associate, whoever! Don’t let society and social norms push you into thinking you HAVE to have a hot date just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

2. When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

For starters, that line is one of my favorites from Drake. Lol! Second, get up, get out, and get into something. The last thing you need to do is sit at home feeling some kind of way because you’re alone. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to try something you’ve never done before…whether that means taking a pottery class, trying a new place to eat, going to a museum you’ve been wanting to go to…do it.

3. Self-love Day

I’m sure you knew this one was coming…I advocate self-love and self-care days A LOT. I can’t say it enough, we take quality alone time for granted. I can honestly say at this stage of my life I’m more content with spending Valentine’s Day alone and tending to my own needs than worrying about going on a date or finding a bae. I’ve gotten so comfortable and accustomed to self-care days that when I go too long without one I start to feel down—yes, they’re that important. So…treat yourself, what that means to you could mean something completely different to me but only you know what you need.

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