A Trip to the Big Arch

#theresafirsttimeforeverything #travelingsoloall2020 Is there any other better way to start the New Year than with a solo trip? I think not. I took a road trip to St.Louis to explore the city and I had a pretty good time. Check out the highlights of my trip below!

The Arch

You can't go to St.Louis without seeing the big arch...of course, it's huge so you can't miss it, but I actually had to go to the top of it; the Sagittarius in me wouldn't let me just view from the ground, lol. It was a pretty scary experience, not something I'd do again, but it was well worth it. The views from the top of the arch were mindblowing...

1. It's the world's tallest arch.

2. The arch is just as wide as it is tall.

3. Constructions began February 12, 1963 and was completed October 28, 1965. The monument opened to the public on June 10, 1967.

4. To climb the arch on foot, you would have to take 1, 076 steps.

5. There are 16 windows on each side of the observation area.

6. The arch weighs 43,2220 pounds.

7. The cost to build the arch totaled 13 million dollars.

8. The insurance company for the project predicted that 13 workers would die during construction.

9. Presidents aren't allowed to go to the top.

10. The arch is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world with over 4 million visitors a year.

The Delmar Loop

This kinda reminded me of Indy's version of broad ripple...boutiques, restaurants, vintage shops, etc. It seemed like a nice vintage scene to hang out on the weekends or something to do when there's nothing to do. It also was located by a local college so there many students around just studying and hanging out. I'm all about scenery and views so I spent most of the time there sipping Starbucks and taking pictures of randomness.


Last but not least, my favorite thing about traveling...food! My favorite restaurants were the infamous Sweetie Pie's, Eleven Eleven Mississippi, and the Rooster. I think Sweetie Pie's made me the happiest because it tasted like my Mother's cooking. Don't we all love food that reminds us of mom? Lol. I haven't found anyone who can cook like her since she passed so I was extremely impressed with their soul food, and not mention it was super affordable for the amount of food I got. St.Louis had some pretty interesting food options!

So moral to the story, St. Louis was another successful solo trip. Now that I've traveled alone twice (both being road trips) I'm ready to catch a flight! If you haven't checked out my blog post about traveling alone, I highly recommend you do. We all need our space and we all deserve quality time alone.

What better way than by exploring an unfamiliar city?

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