Choosing the Perfect Blush

Let's talk about a few things to look out for when searching for the perfect blush for your skin tone. Trust me, there is a blush out there for everyone!

Every woman has a least a few makeup products that they aren't really sure how to shop for. Many of my clients often times say they don't wear blush because they can never find the right shade for their skin tone. There are a few major rules and key things to look for when choosing blush.

First of all, it is OK to wear pink. One of the most common things that I've heard servicing clients is that they're afraid of or absolutely hate pink blush. All blush is NOT pink but don't run from shades that look pinky, most of the time it's all about the shade and tone of the pink.

Fair Skin

When you hair fair/light skin it's best to stick to shades that are soft pink, soft coral, and peach. Cool or soft pink shades are best for women who have these kind of similar undertones. The coral and more peachy shades will allow you to have a pop of color.

Medium Skin

When your skin is medium toned, you should stick to rose pink, warm mauve, or even deep peach shades. If your skin tone is on the cooler side, it is best you use the deep peach shades for your pop of color. Where as women with warmer tones will use the deep peach shades for a more settle look.

Dark Skin

Women in darker skin tones should deep raspberry, warm fuchsia, and even tangerine shades. The raspberry and fuchsia colors will be your natural look and the tangerine will be your pop of color.

Warm brown can also be worn for women with a golden or yellow undertone.

I am in the dark skin category and I have tried a wide range of blush shades. I have listed a few of some of my favorite ones!

Choosing the right blush can be confusing. If you're ever stuck in the store between a few, just swipe them on your wrist or cheek and compare which ones stand out to you the most.

Need a second opinion? Reach out to me, I'm always willing to help! I will find a few options specifically just for your complexion and maybe where you could get some samples to test them out.

Moral to the story: don't be afraid of blush because you cant find your shade, NO it's not just for granny's, and YES you need to wear it!

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