Face Beat by Jay

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Yeah...you read it right, after almost a year I've picked up my makeup brushes and showed Candace how to do a natural day-time look. Check it out below!

Candace already has gorgeous skin so her makeup did nothing but enhance her features. This look is perfect for a day out but can also. be transitioned into a night look.

Top 5 Rules to a Day-time Makeup Look

(Again, you can do what you want to do but these are common rules)

1. Wear sunscreen ( and yes, even if you aren't white).

2. Stay away from dark eyeliners.

3. Bright lipsticks are your friend.

4. Avoid false eyelashes. (Yikes, Candace and I broke this rule but who cares!)

5. Skip the heavy highlight and contour, save the dramatics for the night.

I really hope you all enjoyed this look. Please contact me with any questions, I don't pick up my brushes too often anymore but I love talking about makeup!

Be sure to check Candace out on Youtube at Candace LaNae.

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