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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

My fellow young, black, educated sis Dej has all the fun, creative ways to make your vision board memorable this year.

So, where do I start?

I met Deja at a photoshoot--which happened to be a women empowerment photoshoot, girls-run-the-world type of thing...but from that point on, I knew we clicked. haha! Sounds cliche, but no seriously...she's fun, warm-spirited, and is always giving off positive vibes.

She's currently a fellow Hoosier #creamandcrimson, model, loves traveling, and is always living her best life! Her channel features tutorials, how-to's, girl talk, vlogs, and much more!

She was nice enough to feature me in her latest that gives you another reason to check her out. Who doesn't love women supporting women?

Ever wondered how to make a vision board? Learn how to manifest your dreams by making a DIY Vision Board! Get step by step instructions on making your vision board and some ideas of what to put on it. This is just the start, you can add more to your board as you go and have fun with it! Your vision board is your vision board, so whatever you want to put on it is completely up to you! Let's make a vision board that really works! This is not your average vision board!

Need more De'j? I know right.

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Life as De'j on Youtube

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