More than a Flying Waitress

This post is hard to write about without getting emotional but let's start by addressing the elephant in the room...

Flight attendants just don't get enough credit.

I'll be the first to admit, that I never realized how much flight attendants really go through until I became friends with one. This is my friend Nastassja Lewis. We met through a close friend and we happen to have the exact same birthday. She's a fun-spirited, strong, black woman who also holds the lovely title of a flight attendant.

Read her full story here.

Now introducing: th|AIR|apy

Being a flight attendant is one of the most wanted professions in the world. The association with elegance, confidence, and reliability make it unique – a job to be proud of but there isn't enough conversation about mental health for those are brave enough to take on this journey. th|AIR|apy aims to connect Flight Attendants of all airlines domestic or international with affordable or cost-free professional mental health services. th|AIR|apy works to educate the aviation industry and community about mental health and mental illness that affects Flight Attendants, while working to eliminate any stigma associated with seeking mental health services.

Why should I care?

"Flight attendants are continuously exposed to a range of job-related exposures such as poor cabin air quality, cosmic ionizing radiation, elevated ozone levels, pesticides from cabin disinfection, high levels of occupational noise, circadian rhythm disruption, heavy physical job demands, and verbal and sexual harassment" (DocsOpinion).

"The flight attendant is the only person on an aircraft who is engaged in intense physical activity at reduced oxygen levels. Hence their health hazards may differ significantly from those of pilots and passengers" (DocsOpinion).

"Flight attendants reported 2 to 5.7 times more sleep disorders, depression, and fatigue, than the general population. Female flight attendants reported 34% more reproductive cancers. Health conditions that increased with longer job tenure as a flight attendant were chronic bronchitis, heart disease in females, skin cancer, hearing loss, depression, and anxiety, even after adjusting for age, gender, body mass index (BMI), education, and smoking." (Environmental Health BioMed).

How can I support?

Click here to purchase gear to help raise awareness for flight attendants' mental health.

I purchased clothing but the site has a variety of merchandise to offer! I can't wait to order more. Show off your gear and when someone asks, "hey, what's the logo on your shirt stand for?" be sure to tell them all about it! Let's come together and support our flight attendants just as much as they've supported us for years.

Also, be sure to tag and check out th|AIR|apy on Instagram and Twitter.

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