New Abortion Laws in the US

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

You guys remember De'j from my DIY vision board post earlier this year? Well we've joined together to discuss some MAJOR issues. Today we are talking about abortion and stating our views on the topic. Alabama passed the country’s most restrictive abortion ban, eliminating all abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger. We not only discuss the laws in Alabama, we also look at states such as Ohio, Texas, and Georgia. We discuss what we believe and whether or not abortions should be legal. Stay tuned for more! Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. I hope you all enjoy! #MYUTERUS

Abortion is a very touchy subject but I enjoyed my time talking with De'j about the laws that are being implemented. I am pro choice regardless of what state you may live in. I don't think it's fair a group of men get to control the woman's body...again it's #MYUTERUS.

What are your thoughts on these new abortion laws?

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