Super Bowl LIV: Miami Edition

A trip to Miami during Super Bowl weekend? Sure, sign me up! Although, it was chilly and rainy the entire weekend so “hot girl Jay” didn’t get to flourish was still a pretty great time!

Y’all already know the routine...I’m just here for the bomb scenery and good food! This was only my second time in Miami so I was paying close attention to the atmosphere and vibes. I’m not a huge football fan but it was really cool seeing the fans go all out in their sports gear and the different news reporters. Everywhere I went felt like one big family, the energy was so positive and welcoming.

It's Super Bowl so of course, I partied but the rain and cold weather kind of ruined the club scene. I made it out to Cameo and saw Trey Songz perform, whew. Ladies, he was FINE FINE, lol. And do y'all remember last time I went to Miami and saw 50 cent? Yeah, well...he was there again. I'm convinced he never leaves, lol.

But what did you eat, Sis?

Y’all know I LOVE a good brunch spot. I ate at the Local House and the Egg Spot. They’re officially 2 of my favorite brunch spots in Miami. First off, any brunch spot that has fresh flowers and good lighting I’m ALL for, lol. Oh, and anything organic of course, both restaurants were organic and everything tasted like it was grown locally. Not to mention I forgot how significantly better seafood tastes when it’s fresh from the seashore.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Miami

1. Legendary Nightlife

2. Art around every corner

3. Get a taste of Cuban culture

4. Set sail on the Atlantic Ocean

5. Let loose in the lap of luxury

6. Outdoor excursions

7. Celebrate the single life-or with bae, lol.

8. Fusion of flavors-Miami is one BIG melting pot.

9. Endless shopping

10. Beach days all year long

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