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Updated: May 5, 2019

"Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you'll look up and you'll have a brick wall." #NipseyHussle

I've been trying to process Nipsey's death since he passed. There's so many questions that I need answered to have closure. Why Nipsey? Why now? What about his children? The love of his wife? What about the community he was rebuilding? But...we can't question God and we must understand God makes no mistakes.

No, I wasn't a super fan. I don't know all of the words to his music. I know his latest albums but that's about it. But I did know he's an activist, a loving husband, and great father.

I was disturbed when reading articles on social media when the headline said..."Rapper Nipsey Hussle Dead"

You mean to tell me out of all the titles this man has you chose rapper? Is that really what he's most known for? This may be debatable but I know several fans feel like the media hasn't recognized all that Nipsey was.

In about an hour, Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" Asghedom will be laid to rest at the Staples Center. No other memorial service has been held there since Michael Jackson's in 2009. Doesn't that say a lot? There is expected to be over 21,000 guests and it'll be broadcasted live on several networks. I'm currently on my couch, counting down the minutes. I've been so heartbroken and in a completely different mood since his passing but it is comforting to see all of the love and support everyone has shown for Nipsey and his family.

His relationship with Lauren London, of course is #goals. They had the sweetest, modern-day love story and I'm so heartbroken for her. It is already hard enough in this generation to find your soulmate, I couldn't imagine actually finding the love of my life and losing them to gun violence. To see a man that actually respects and honors his woman, is a blessing. In an article, Lauren talked about how polite Nipsey was. He said where he comes from being polite was looked down upon so now that he's older, he wants nothing more than to be gentle and polite to his woman. Nipsey and Lauren built a life together for 17 years, and finally when it seemed like they were at the peak of their lives, Nipsey is fatally shot. I have prayed over and over again for Lauren, praying for her strength to hold herself up but also to move forward with their kids. It's hard to lead a family when you're feeling lost yourself.

Here's an article I read about their love story. Check it out below.

Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London: California Love

Nipsey was such a great example of what a successful, black man is. No, it's not because he has money or was famous. It was because he was a man of his word and used his heart and power to uplift others. He was dedicated to his woman and did any and everything for their children. Nipsey wasn't your average rapper, not the kind that glorified money, jewelry, cars, and clothes...but the kind that was loyal to his roots and upbringing and wanted more from life than just materialistic things.

It's important that we remember #NipseyHussle for what he represented. He may have rapped about gangs in his music in his earlier years but his messages in recent years are more powerful than that. He used his platform to inspire others and really produce change. There's so many celebrities who talk about change but don't actually do what it takes to make the change. There's so many celebrities who do good work for camera time or publicity. Not Nipsey...Nipsey did it for his people and to create a better life for others out of the goodness of his heart and soul.

So here's to #NipseyHussle. He will forever be a LEGEND. His music and legacy will forever live on. Today we pay our respect and honor his life and time on this Earth with us.

"My thing is, I don't give no person that much power over my path that I'm walking. No one person can make or break what I'm doing, except me or God." -#NipseyHussle

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