Trust the Process: 12 Fundamentals to Growth

Updated: May 12, 2020

Well, we all want to grow and be great someday, right? Sometimes it's hard figuring out where we're at or if we're on the right track. In this post, I've outlined twelve fundamental elements of personal growth. Your journey may look a little different but from my personal experiences, these twelve factors are essential to growing as a person.

  1. Love yourself. I put this one at the top of the list because it’s essential to this process. You won’t ever be able to fully love someone or anything else if you don’t start with loving yourself first. Love yourself each and every day, even on the days when it’s a little harder. You’re more than enough—don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

  2. Forgive. This one may be easier said than done but again it’s essential. You must forgive whatever has been holding you back, hurting you, or bringing you down. Let the resentment and bitter feelings go. Free your heart of any hostility, regret, or anger.

  3. Learn more about yourself. What do you like? Find whatever makes you happy and do it a lot (as long as it isn’t illegal or is bad for your health, haha). Your soul and well-being feed off good energy. Doing things you like and love brings so much joy to your mind.

  4. Allow new relationships. This could go many ways, but you get the point. Don’t be afraid of new friends, associates, love, energy, etc. We don’t realize how much we learn from other people. New relationships bring new experiences, new adventures, and new memories.

  5. Be you. Literally, be your authentic self. Don’t let anything or anyone steer you away from doing you. You’ll never grow as a person if you’re constantly trying to fill the shoes of someone else. You’re fine just the way you are.

  6. Discover new things. This is a big one. Time is the one thing we can’t get back, use it wisely. Spend your money on experiences and not materialistic things. Buying a designer outfit and a couple of pairs of shoes could fund your trip to another country. Which one holds more value to you? Get out of your comfort zone. Experience something you’ve never experienced before, life is short. Be open to change.

  7. Keep people in your life that you need. Recognize who’s always been there and who’s never left, who’s always willing to help, or offer whatever they can for you. Good people are hard to come by so it’s important to not take them for granted. Love them, cherish them, and treat them with the utmost respect. These are the relationships that will matter most a decade from now.

  8. Take responsibility for your actions. In some situations, this is easier said than done but again, you won’t grow without this one. Acknowledge what you’ve done, admit it—is a humbling experience. Right your wrongs and do all that you can to make it better. Taking responsibility will help you learn how to avoid making the same mistake over again. Do not make excuses.

  9. Trust your gut. Listen to your own instincts. A part of growing is trusting the voice in your head or feeling in your heart. If something in you has been telling you to not do something, chances are you probably shouldn’t do it. If your heart has been pushing you to try something, chances are you should go for it. Don’t ignore the signs and feelings.

  10. Set goals…and not little ones. Go big or go home. If your dreams and goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. This is your life. Do you honestly want to look back and realize you didn’t do something you could’ve done? Pushing yourself through obstacles is the purest form of growth. Set goals and actually put in the work to fulfill them.

  11. Know your strong points and weak spots. None of us are perfect. It’s okay. Being able to admit you aren’t good at something is a growing point. Being able to distinguish between the two is important for your future. Work on the weaknesses, turn a negative into a positive, trust the process.

  12. Reflect on you are. Evaluate where you’ve been and where you‘re headed? Being self-aware is crucial to this process. It’s easy to avoid this one because it’s hard for us to look in the mirror and dig deep to find who we really are. Who we actually are and who we show to the world are many times two different people, being able to recognize this is essential to the process. Transparency and consistency are key.

Moral to the Story: Do you and do it well. Be good to others and do right by people. Nothing good will ever come to you if your heart isn't in the right space. You're a badass and no one can stop you unless you allow them to. Love hard, take the risk, keep learning and evolving.

Which one is your favorite? Why?

Which one have you struggled with the most?

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